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10x Your Growth, Leadership, And Success (Without The Expensive Mistakes) By Working 1-On-1 With James

"James was instrumental in helping us launch our brokerage and achieve $100MM first-year sales. He's the guy you want in your corner!"

Graham Jackson

COO at Susan Jackson Real Estate


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Allow me to coach YOU into a Champion Leader too

Hi there! James Pyle here.

I want to talk to you about something very special…

Champion Leadership Mastery Private Coaching

It’s a private, exclusive, and personal coaching program that’ll turn you into a High-Performance Champion Leader.

This program is for people who are serious about thriving as an Entrepreneur or Executive, and who want to build their very own legacy.

I’ll help you to develop, grow, and master the Champion Leadership practices that allow you to be limitless and skyrocket success.


This Represents James Pyle Certified High Performance Coach

The Champion Leadership Mastery Program is currently taking applications


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Get 16+ years of proven leadership moves and gain years worth of upgrades in just 90 days

The Champion Leadership Program is 1-on-1 coaching for 90 days that acts as a more high-touch, personalized alternative to my other programs.

It’s the perfect private training if you’re looking for focused coaching support, accountability, and want to get results as quickly as possible (without any care for costs)...

By signing up, you’ll be able to:

  • Power up your self awareness and habits to fit your leadership needs
  • Level up your leadership strategies and skills
  • Gain access to world-class training, blueprints, and coaching
  • Overcome any obstacles or limitations in your mindset
  • Master Champion Leadership today (not way later)

However, just to be abundantly clear:

This program is NOT for everyone.

It’s for the committed, high-performance entrepreneur or executive who is ready to leave their comfort zone, give it their absolute best and take action when necessary.

That’s what it means to be a Champion Leader.

And it’s what it’ll take if you want to reach higher heights in life, business, and lifestyle freedom the way my clients and I have.

So if you feel that’s you and you’re ready…

Then apply to become a Champion Leader in my private client coaching program right now.

Learn The Champion Leadership Mastery System

The Champion Leadership Mastery system is a proven and effective coaching program that will teach you a system that delivers repeatable and phenomenal results to take your life and business to the next level. This is the coaching community for people like us who are highly vetted, successful, and want nothing more than to grow with those of similar intent.


Become one of my elite students of this exclusive and personalized coaching program

APPLY TO JOIN THE WAITLIST (Limited Spots Available)

The Champion Leadership Program gives you direct access to my expertise, blueprints, and strategies so you can start succeeding instantly.

The moment you join the program, we’ll be able to work together directly together and take your leadership game and success to unimaginable levels! 

  • Champion Leadership Mastery Blueprint - 90-day action guide to walk you through the entire program step by step.
    VALUE $3,500
  • 1 on 1 Weekly Coaching calls with James to go deeper into this material and work through your specific challenges, recording included.
    VALUE $18,000
  • The Action Accountability Formula to ensure you implement the takeaways from each coaching call.
    VALUE $2,000
  • Weekly accountability check-ins to keep you honest and on track with your targets.
    VALUE $1,500
  • Champion Leadership Habit Builder System so you can achieve complete mastery over the course of 90 days.
    VALUE $1,500
  • 360 Self Awareness Profile with customized coaching insight for how to leverage it to be your best.
    VALUE $1,000
  • BONUS: Group Discord Channel with community health goals and group accountability to inspire your growth and connect with other high-performance Champion Leaders.
    VALUE $3,000
  • BONUS: Champion Leadership Culture Framework and Implementation Templates.
    VALUE $2,500

By the end of the coaching program, you’ll have the momentum you need for achieving maximum success in life, business, and lifestyle freedom.

 All Of The Above For Only


(Payment plans available upon request, inquire on application)

APPLY TO JOIN THE WAITLIST (Limited Spots Available)

Here’s what high-performing leaders have to say about working with me

Graham Jackson, COO, Susan Jackson Real Estate

"James Pyle is intelligent, savvy, and has remarkable insight around entrepreneurship and leadership. He was instrumental in helping us launch our brokerage and achieve $100MM first-year sales. He's the guy you want in your corner."

Mara McShane, Founder, Parallel Pilates

"James delivers incredibly powerful techniques with an approach that creates immediate improvement. I highly recommend James to anyone looking to grow leadership and be more successful!"

Ed Kim, CEO, Harry H Joh Construction

"James Pyle teaches principles and concepts that are a must for any organization, especially for mid-management to aspiring leaders. Everyone on my team is now highly motivated, willing to implement, and wanting more."


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