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About James

Break Free from Your Limitations

Imagine being able to achieve your big goals, live your dreams, and create life on your terms while gaining total freedom from your business. That's what Awareness Elevation is all about. James Pyle has mastered the elevation principles he shares with entrepreneurs and coaches around the world. These principles center on self awareness, mastering habits, and spiritual alignment while liberating yourself from your limitations.

His innovative mindset principles and Step Zero Challenge have released scores of entrepreneurs and coaches from the “handcuffs” that came with running life-consuming enterprises. James’s principles are revealed in inspiring detail in his online course. In it, he shares the secrets that empowered him to bounce back from complete life and entrepreneurial failure to world-class coach and speaker.

Now he focuses on showing today’s Kingdom entrepreneurs and coaches how to think and be limitless to thrive in their vocation through his proven ELEVATE strategies. James's principles enable you to move from a “self-employed” career to support your lifestyle with a Kingdom mindset that gives you the absolute freedom to live the life you truly desire.

What Would You Do with the Absolute Freedom to Do What You WANT?

A growing number of Kingdom entrepreneurs and coaches are being forced to answer this provocative question for one simple reason:

They’ve worked closely with James Pyle and executed his proven strategies for sustaining high performance and creating a Kingdom lifestyle.

As a result, they now face the challenge of deciding what their life purpose is and what truly brings them joy. Not a bad situation to be in. James Pyle can put the power to create the life you desire right at your fingertips. Receiving this gift begins with the decision to take a bold first step. What awaits can be a life filled with prosperity, fulfillment, and total freedom for you and those you love …without having a job.

This incredible journey can begin right now.


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