Give, Love, Live - SHINE BRIGHTER!!!

Awareness Elevation: Lightyears Beyond Leadership


Ever seen a supernova? That explosive, dazzling burst in the cosmos? That’s us in the leadership galaxy! At Awareness Elevation, we're not just lighting the path; we’re the whole darn celestial show! Welcome to the revolution where leadership doesn’t just climb ladders; it launches rockets.

Our Galactic Vision:

Ditch the classroom, enter the universe! We dream of a world where leadership courses through veins, pulsates in hearts, and shines from every eye. We're not setting up just another leadership training camp; we're throwing a universal fiesta! And guess what? Everyone's on the guest list. Why? Because brilliance isn’t a luxury; it's a birthright.

Mission Impossible? Think Again!:

Educate. Equip. Encourage. Three 'E's that are more electrifying than a bolt of lightning. In a trifecta of years, we're not just aiming for stars; we're creating constellations. Leaders who won’t merely change rules, they'll rewrite the whole playbook.

AWARE Leadership Academy:

At its core, our academy is the crucible where leadership mettle is tested and honed. With a mission that echoes Awareness Elevation's spirit, we strive to nurture minds to embrace adversity, champion discipline, and surge ahead with an unwavering resolve to make meaningful impacts and etch dream lives.

Understanding Us:

AWARE Leadership isn't just a term—it's our mantra. It's a call to action to serve, lead, and move as one cohesive entity. To be AWARE is to lead by example, unceasingly, untiringly, and unselfishly. Our A.L.A.W. community stands testament to this, championing leadership talent and nurturing identities of those destined to bring about positive ripples in society.

Who's with us:

The ALAW community isn't just any group. We're the trailblazers, the outliers, the revolutionaries. We see potential, not pasts. Regardless of where you hail from—be it penthouses or pavements, we recognize the latent greatness and believe in elevating it.

Guiding Principles:

Our compass is calibrated with unwavering principles, from seeking divine guidance in all endeavors to instilling a meritocratic culture. We champion the spirit of radical honesty, stewardship, and servant-hearted leadership. These aren't mere words—they are our gospel. We believe that discipline isn't restrictive—it's liberating. And above all, fun isn't frivolous—it's fundamental.

The Platinum Standards & Beyond:

Our edifice is built on a foundation of integrity, commitment, and accountability. Words are not taken lightly here—they are promises. In the corridors of Awareness Elevation, positivity isn't a mood—it's a mandate. Every interaction, every meeting, is a chance to lead by example. We strive for clarity, abhor assumptions, and venerate punctuality. Mediocrity has no place here—only relentless, unyielding pursuit of personal growth. And the finale? A relentless crescendo of growth, illuminated by the brightest star – you.


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This represents James Pyle Leadership Trainer & Certified High Performance Coach™

About James Pyle, Certified High Performance Coach™

In the sprawling spectrum of entrepreneurial greats, James Pyle isn’t just a presence; he's a monumental force, blazing trails with unparalleled brilliance. His saga, rich in transformative potency, melds deep-seated adversities with stellar triumphs.

From childhood trauma and addiction’s grip, James didn’t merely survive; he architected his ascent. In an era where success narratives often blur, his resonates uniquely. Building, dismantling, and remolding 7-figure empires, he's consistently showcased unyielding resolve.

The zenith of his journey was paradoxically at rock-bottom. Here, among past relics, he identified 'Step Zero' — a nexus of truth, self-awareness, and Christian faith, fortifying his transformative 'Elevate Method'.

James's non-negotiable daily rituals, rooted in deliberate adversity, symbolize his metamorphosis. "Cold Shower Power" isn’t just a routine but his rejuvenation mantra. Ice cold baths, breathwork, and 111 burpees daily spotlight his discipline. As a Certified High Performance Coach™, he epitomizes high-performance living, navigating life with zeal and commitment.

On global platforms, James's oratory prowess captivates. His words, deeply experiential, trigger profound mindset shifts, steering many to their 'Step Zero'. Through the ‘Elevate Method’, he unveils latent potentials, fanning dormant passions.

James isn’t merely an entrepreneur; he's an epoch, an embodiment of belief. With faith, tenacity, and audacity, he traversed from pain to unparalleled purpose, illuminating countless paths.

Embark on this transformative journey with James. Experience not just an expedition but a spiritual renewal. Bask in the glow of being unapologetically YOU — faith-rooted, passion-fueled, achievement-crowned.

James’s guiding maxim remains:

Elevate Your Awareness, Elevate Your Life!


About LynAnn Weaver, Certified High Performance Coach™

LynAnn Weaver is a leadership powerhouse with over 15 years of experience in leadership development and training. As a Certified High Performance Coach™ and experienced speaker and leadership trainer, she empowers organizations and individuals to reach their full potential through dynamic leadership training and coaching.

With a meteoric rise throughout her healthcare career, LynAnn has a proven track record of success in driving business results and improving employee performance. She is a master at devising and executing business development plans, demonstrated by her success as a Neuroscience Service Line Director where she increased year-over-year case volume by 20.2% and revenue by 34% in a highly competitive market.

LynAnn's ability to inspire and engage groups of all sizes and backgrounds is unrivaled. As a skilled facilitator and speaker, LynAnn creates a positive and productive learning environment that leads to measurable improvements in employee engagement, productivity, and overall performance. Her ability to understand the unique needs of her clients has led to the development of customized training programs that are tailored to the specific goals and objectives of each organization.

LynAnn's passion for leadership development and training is matched only by her commitment to delivering results. She is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals achieve their full potential through dynamic leadership training, coaching, and speaking, and she is always eager to take on new challenges.

She is a leader in her field, known for her ability to create a culture of continuous learning, growth and development. With LynAnn at the helm, organizations can expect to see measurable improvements in employee engagement, productivity, and overall performance.



We must first lead ourselves before we can lead others. Learn the principles of High Performance to be the leader you need to be and consistently lead your team to victory. 


Great leaders are made, not born. Empower your team with the principles, mindsets, and best practices to become better leaders and systematically achieve team goals.


Your level of success will never exceed your level of self-development. Work directly with one of our coaches to master High Performance and become limitless.