How We Went From “Leadership Development” To "Champion Leadership" And Helping Multitudes Of Entrepreneurs, Executives, & Business Professionals Accelerate High Performance Leadership To Thrive In Every Area Of Life.

"We wanted to spend time doing what we love and enjoy life in the present - rather than ‘someday’. High Performance Leadership mastery allows all of that and more. We’ve done it. And so have many of our friends and clients. Our system for developing leaders and leadership community flat-out works - no matter what level of leadership you’re at in your career."

-LynAnn & James 


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About LynAnn Weaver, Certified High Performance Coach™

LynAnn Weaver is a leadership powerhouse with over 15 years of experience in leadership development and training. As a Certified High Performance Coach™ and experienced speaker and leadership trainer, she empowers organizations and individuals to reach their full potential through dynamic leadership training and coaching.

With a meteoric rise throughout her healthcare career, LynAnn has a proven track record of success in driving business results and improving employee performance. She is a master at devising and executing business development plans, demonstrated by her success as a Neuroscience Service Line Director where she increased year-over-year case volume by 20.2% and revenue by 34% in a highly competitive market.

LynAnn's ability to inspire and engage groups of all sizes and backgrounds is unrivaled. As a skilled facilitator and speaker, LynAnn creates a positive and productive learning environment that leads to measurable improvements in employee engagement, productivity, and overall performance. Her ability to understand the unique needs of her clients has led to the development of customized training programs that are tailored to the specific goals and objectives of each organization.

LynAnn's passion for leadership development and training is matched only by her commitment to delivering results. She is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals achieve their full potential through dynamic leadership training, coaching, and speaking, and she is always eager to take on new challenges.

She is a leader in her field, known for her ability to create a culture of continuous learning, growth and development. With LynAnn at the helm, organizations can expect to see measurable improvements in employee engagement, productivity, and overall performance.

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About Larry Raulerson, Certified High Performance Coach™

Larry Raulerson is a highly experienced leadership trainer and Certified High Performance Coach™ with a diverse background in both the public and private sectors, as well as a decade of experience as a Youth Football Mentor and Coach. As a former United States Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, he possesses a unique combination of leadership skills and a sense of duty to serve others.

With 10 years of experience as a Youth Football Mentor and Coach, Larry has developed a wealth of experience in mentoring and leading young athletes. He has brought this experience to his professional career, becoming an expert in leadership training and coaching. He is a highly skilled communicator, problem solver and team builder, who can help organizations improve their leadership skills.

Throughout his corporate career, Larry specialized in Customer/Vendor Relations and played a key role in driving growth at Coca Cola Enterprise, where he contributed to a $26MM increase in revenue. He has 35 years of experience in Division/National Leadership roles, where he has a proven track record of driving efficiencies across large organizations. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team that successfully led a $1BN business across 70 US locations at BlueTriton Brands.

Recently, Larry has led a $140M business through a multi-year transformation and successfully guided 386 employees through continuous change. He is known for his ability to "quiet the noise" and focus on making impactful strategic decisions.

Larry is an empathic and relatable leader, who is respected by his team for his ability to lead with compassion and understanding. He is a dedicated professional who is committed to driving success and delivering results, whether on the field or in the boardroom. With his expert leadership training and coaching skills, Larry can help organizations improve their leadership performance and achieve their goals.


About James Pyle, Certified High Performance Coach™

James is a renowned leadership coach, trainer, and speaker known for his dynamic and results-driven approach to mentoring business professionals. He is considered uncommon amongst uncommon, an expert in helping individuals and organizations become top 1% leaders in their field, with a wealth of experience and expertise in areas such as leadership, talent procurement, business development, and sales. He specializes in Kingdom Entrepreneurship, lean startups, and transformational turnarounds and has a proven track record of success in these areas.

Throughout his career, James has faced and overcome many challenges, including childhood trauma, addiction, and financial adversity. He has used these experiences to develop a tenacious work ethic, and a bulletproof resilience that has helped him build several successful 7-figure businesses, including most recently a REI firm in Texas. With only $10,000 of startup capital, he scaled the business to flip 87 SFR properties in 18 months prior to exit, showcasing his ability to find opportunity in adversity and turn it into thriving success.

James's ability to help his clients find success where others have failed is unparalleled in the industry. He is a sought-after speaker and coach in the leadership training and coaching industry, and his unique experience and insights make him an invaluable asset for individuals and organizations looking to improve their leadership skills and achieve their business goals. His dynamic approach to leadership training and coaching combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, making it easy for his clients to implement the strategies and techniques he teaches in their own organizations. His expertise in Kingdom Entrepreneurship, lean startups, and transformational turnarounds makes him a valuable resource for anyone looking to take their leadership skills to the next level.

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We must first lead ourselves before we can lead others. Learn the principles of Champion Leadership to be the leader you need to be and consistently lead your team to victory. 


Great leaders are made, not born. Empower your team with the principles, mindsets, and best practices to become better leaders and systematically achieve team goals.


Your level of success will never exceed your level of self-development. Work directly with one of our coaches to learn Champion Leadership mastery and become limitless.