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Fuel Your Future with High Performance Mastery

Ever dreamt of attaining your loftiest ambitions, embracing your passions, and creating a life you truly enjoy – all while consistently elevating the outcomes and success of every area of your life? Welcome to the essence of Awareness Elevation.

At Awareness Elevation, we've perfected the art of high performance coaching, imparting transformative principles to global entrepreneurs, visionary executives, and ambitious professionals. Our philosophy revolves around nurturing self-awareness, cultivating leadership mindsets, and integrating science-backed high performance strategies to help those we serve break free from limitations so they can reach higher levels of success.

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Our groundbreaking leadership perspectives and Certified High Performance CoachingTM methodologies have freed countless high achievers from the ‘chains' that have held them back in their careers.

Dive deep into our courses, enlightening talks, exclusive communities, and personalized coaching programs, and you'll uncover the very strategies that enabled us and countless others to rebound from seemingly insurmountable challenges and achieve success.

Our mission is simple yet profound: To empower today's trailblazers, game changers, and pioneers to obliterate boundaries by fostering a limitless mentality and implementing proven success strategies. With Awareness Elevation, you'll transition from a life engulfed by work to one where work fuels a life of purpose and unparalleled freedom. Because with the world's only science-validated, high performance-based coaching system, you won't just live — you'll thrive.



Step into a transformative realm with the world's premier, scientifically-endorsed high performance coaching. Cultivate an unbreakable spirit and resilience that not only shields you but ensures you thrive against all odds. Losers have only dreams and goals, HIGH PERFORMERS USE SYSTEMS TO CRUSH GOALS AND LIVE DREAMS!! Become the beacon in any storm. Enroll today and redefine unstoppable.



Hosting a podcast, virtual summit, or live gathering? Elevate it from memorable to unforgettable. Invite us to captivate and ignite your audience with groundbreaking insights on transformative growth, visionary leadership, executive mastery, and the roadmap to unparalleled success in both life and business. Let's make your event the talk of the town. Reach out now!"


Kind Words From Extraordinary People 

Graham Jackson, COO, Susan Jackson Real Estate

"LynAnn Weaver, James Pyle, and the entire Awareness Elevation team are intelligent, savvy, and have remarkable insight around entrepreneurship and leadership. They were instrumental in helping us launch our brokerage and achieve $100MM first-year sales. They're the team you want in your corner."


Taren Newkirk, PA-C 

"LynAnn has been truly life changing! She has impacted my daily professional and personal life by identifying prior habits that were counterproductive and teaching me tools to not only ensure I have productive habits, but also helping me identify the root cause of my prior habits. After every meeting with her I feel a surge of energy and positivity that I didn’t know I had."


This represents LynAnn Weaver Certified High Performance Coach™ Testimonial

Noah Antisdel, PhD

“I highly recommend LynAnn for high performance coaching. She uses an evidence-based neural pathway enhancement process to physiologically improve your brain's effectiveness. This is not the rah-rah fluff that polluted the professional coaching industry for decades. LynAnn made a huge difference in how I process my biggest obstacles in business and basically eliminated them after one session. Amazing!”

Ethan Nkana, Principal, Rocky Mountain Physician Agency

"Hiring LynAnn as my coach is hands down the most meaningful investment I have made in myself and my business. The impact to the business has been invaluable. I thought having a coach was overrated. I now know that having the RIGHT coach is severely under-rated."


Ed Kim, CEO, Harry H Joh Construction

"LynAnn Weaver & James Pyle teach principles and concepts that are a must for any organization, especially for mid-management to aspiring leaders. Everyone on my team is now highly motivated, willing to implement, and wanting more."


Nicholas Venezia, Founder, Social Outlier

"Working with James has truly been a transformative experience, and I am grateful for the lasting impact he has made on my life and career. If you are a CEO looking to find purpose and enhance your leadership skills, I highly recommend partnering with James as your business coach."

Michael York, CMO, Little Hinges

"James has shown an unparalleled commitment to my business unlike anyone I have worked with in the past. I can't speak highly enough of his genuine approach and over-delivering on what is promised each and every time."

Mara McShane, Founder, Parallel Pilates

"Awareness Elevation leadership training and coaching delivers incredibly powerful techniques with an approach that creates immediate improvement. I highly recommend Awareness Elevation to anyone looking to grow leadership and be more successful!"

Imagine a Life Where You Dictate Every Move. What's Your Next Chapter? 

Countless entrepreneurs, forward-thinking organizations, and ambitious individuals are now redefining their horizons. Why? They've aligned their journeys with LynAnn Weaver, James Pyle, and the visionary team at Awareness Elevation. These leaders haven't just adopted tactics; they've embraced transformative strategies that prioritize sustained high performance and a lifestyle brimming with purpose.

Now, they stand at the crossroads of possibility, rediscovering their deepest passions and defining their life's true mission. It's a thrilling challenge. A challenge that puts you in control. Let LynAnn, James, and the Awareness Elevation squad guide you in seizing the reins of your destiny. All it takes is that audacious first move.

Your gateway to a world of unmatched prosperity, deep fulfillment, and unparalleled freedom — without being tethered to a draining career — is just a step away. Dare to step into your next chapter? The adventure begins now.


Reserve Your Place In The World's Premier Certified High Performance Coaching™ Program

Dive into the only globally-recognized, science-endorsed high performance accelerator. Forge an unyielding resilience that not only makes you bulletproof but ensures your business thrives — even in the toughest times. Be everything-proof. Be unstoppable.


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