5 Brain Growth Hacks

One of the greatest marvels of the modern world are the breakthroughs and developments in science and technology regarding the human brain. It is now widely known that humans have the ability to grow new brain cells and form new neural pathways. Here’s a shortlist of quick ways you can boost your brainpower.

Hack #1: N-Back App - iOS or Android. This game is scientifically proven to increase memory. I’ve been using the app for iOS on and off for about the past year and honestly, need to be more consistent. One of the coolest features is it only requires a few minutes daily to achieve a noticeable improvement in memory and brainpower in a very short amount of time.

Hack #2: Turn your brain into an idea-generating machine. This blog from famous Venture Capitalist, James Altucher, explains exactly how to up your brain game through the practice of writing down ten new ideas every day and playing games. He prefers to use waiter pads for this exercise. (Here’s a link to grab some waiter pads for writing your new ideas daily.) 

Hack #3: Jocko “Good” video - Stop what you are doing, take a couple of minutes, and just go watch this video! It will transform your mindset and position you for victory by instilling a brain power-boosting mindset. The artist who created this, Akira the Don, has multiple mixtapes with Jocko, Goggins, and others I’ve been using to program my mind over the past year and you can too! Listen to them regularly to stay on the path.

Hack #4: Stop killing your brain with Social Media. If you have ever been curious about how to break free from this horrible addiction, now you can. Have a read through this thoughtful article about the negative effects social media is having on your brain. Here’s a small excerpt: “Spending hours doomscrolling for stress-provoking content causes changes in your brain that drive anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive behavior, and addictions.” 

Hack #5: Program Your Brain To Feel Better Fast And Make It Last! - Scoop up a copy of this powerful book from brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen. This is basically a user's manual for understanding how our brain works and the most important things to do to maximize our brain health and brainpower. 

🔥 Bonus: Get Better Sleep. Sleep is one of the most important components to optimizing brain health and brainpower. If you’re anything like me and have ever struggled with getting to sleep at night, try adding this meditation and breathing routine to your evening rituals. 

What have you been experimenting with lately to boost brainpower? 

Leave a comment below and let me know.

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