5 Natural Remedies For Healing ADD & ADHD

In the age of technology, distraction, and overly prescribed stimulants in which we are living, many entrepreneurs are challenged by ADD/ADHD. And contrary to what big pharma will tell you, stimulant medications, although powerful for helping one focus, are extremely toxic and harmful in the long run. Speaking from first-hand experience, I took Adderall for the better part of eight years and it messed me up, to say the least.

Also contrary to what big pharma will tell you, it is possible to actually heal from and overcome ADD & ADHD naturally. Much like other muscles of the body, our concentration “muscles” must be used and maintained regularly otherwise they will atrophy. Here are a few resources that will help you immediately gain ground to begin healing ADD/ADHD and win the battle.

#1 — Natural supplements. Many adults with ADD/ADHD are typically low in the following nutrients: vitamin d, magnesium, zinc, and omega 3’s. Do some research and pick up some high-quality natural supplements from a brand that invests heavily in third-party testing for purity. I prefer Thorne, Pure Encapsulations, and Standard Process as they all have extremely high standards and invest heavily in third-party purity testing and verification. I’m a big believer in natural supplements to heal ADD/ADHD, especially Omega 3’s, and take all the aforementioned supplements daily.

#2) Get off the devices and decrease screen time. Studies have shown that decreasing screen time to less than 30 minutes daily can significantly lessen symptoms of ADD/ADHD. However, for many fast-paced entrepreneurs, mobile device usage is essential to success. So one thing you can do to start is to aim for decreasing social media usage to less than 5 minutes daily. I detoxed from all social media about 6 months ago and now only use the apps to publish, never to consume. My quality of life has improved significantly and an added bonus is that I experience fewer symptoms of ADD/ADHD than when I was consuming more than an hour of social media daily.

#3 — Consume a high protein, low simple carb diet. This alone will significantly improve your focus and concentration. It will also help you the most in the long run by providing your brain and body the healthy nutrition it needs to maximize brain power. The most important thing to take action on immediately for this is to cut out processed sugar, all corn and corn products, and stop drinking calories. Do your best to begin preparing meals at home so you know the ingredients that go into them and avoid processed sugar and corn whenever possible.

#4 — Get better sleep. Most people know the importance of sleep, however many are still plagued with low levels of high-quality deep sleep. Something to consider implementing this week to improve your sleep quality is to institute the 3–2–1 rule. No food 3 hours before bed, no work 2 hours before bed, and no screens for the last 1 hour before bed. This will help your brain and body to wind down properly and begin building psychological and physiological triggers to help you get to sleep faster and deeper. Also, consider taking a time-release magnesium supplement like MagSRT to help your body wind down and stay asleep once you go to bed.

#5 — Hydrate and take electrolytes. A good aim for most adults is to consume half to one gallon of water daily. Be sure to add in electrolytes so your body is getting enough minerals to best absorb the water and other nutrients you ingest throughout the day. I’m experimenting with a blend called Re-lyte which is delicious and gives me a noticeable boost in energy and focus each time I ingest it. And surprisingly satiating while fasting. The watermelon-lime flavor has captured my heart. Look for electrolytes that have little to no calories and absolutely no sugar.

🔥 BONUS: Understand your ADD/ADHD type and explore natural treatments. Learning the ADD/ADHD type you have is an important step in finding the most effective natural solutions. Head over and complete the Amen Clinics ADD Type Test to discover your type and learn the best natural strategies for your type.

There you have it, a quick list of simple to implement strategies for you to overcome and heal ADD/ADHD naturally.

What is your go-to remedy to heal ADD/ADHD naturally?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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