6 Hacks To Master Self Awareness

It seems like every time I open my inbox or social media, I’m constantly encountering reboot programs for health and fitness. But it’s not too often I come across content regarding rebooting a life skill like self awareness.

Ever an advocate for the mastery of self awareness I’m continually on the quest to be my best. And along the path, I experienced a dichotomy. In that, as much as I elevated my awareness there were plenty of instances throughout each day where I found myself lacking awareness.

The remedy I discovered, is to build good daily habits that will continually keep me aware of my awareness. This is my focus each and every day, and frankly speaking, some days are great and some days I completely fall off. What matters is waking the next morning and getting back on the path.

Below are some powerful practices you can do immediately to improve your awareness to keep you on the path:

WHM breathwork exercise - this will flood your body and brain with oxygen thus allowing your brain and body to fire fully and increase brain output and awareness. Doing three rounds in a row takes only about ten minutes and will transform your mindset. Here's a video to help guide you through the process.

Cold Shower Power - taking a brief two-minute shower will help you to be in the present and more fully aware. It will also wake up your brain and does wonders for supercharging your immune system along with many other health benefits including decreasing depression. Start with alternating between the coldest and hottest you can handle every 10-15 seconds for 2-3 mins. Work your way up to a full 2 minutes of just cold shower power and watch your world and mental state transform.

Gratitude Journal - grabbing a pen and paper and listing out 15-20 things you are grateful for will elevate positive endorphins in the brain and body and help you to be in a mindset of gratitude and positivity thus allowing for increased awareness and an uptick in brain function.

Track Hydration - begin recording how much water you consume throughout the day and consider adding in some no sugar electrolytes such as Redmond Re-lyte to improve your hydration. Being dehydrated by just 2% can impair brain function.

Elimination Diet - Know which foods to choose and which to lose to help energy, focus, attention, anxiety, moods, sleep, and memory. Start by eliminating sugar from your diet, next eliminate corn. Another low-effort, high-impact area is to stop drinking calories - that’s right find alternatives to your favorite drinks especially coffee that’s loaded with sugar and toxic creamers. Omica organics vanilla stevia in coffee and sparkling water are great alternatives, organic sugar-free nut milk (my favorite is Sprouts Vanilla No Sugar Almond Milk). The next big thing to eliminate after sugar is corn and all corn products. Finally, work to eliminate all processed foods and include more single-ingredient foods.

Intermittent Fasting and/or a 24 hour water-only fast - This is one of the best self awareness and self-discovery tools in existence. If you really want to supercharge your results do a 72 hour or 7 day water-only fast. You will come out of that fully transformed. Do your research, there is plenty online, and be safe!

🔥 Bonus: Laugh really, really, really hard every single day. This is one of the most important habits to practice to boost self awareness and happiness. In order to change our state we must change our physiology. And what better way to change our physiology and activate a peak mental state than laughing. A few of my favorite methods for this are playing a comedy clip that cracks me up, watching Ridiculousness videos on YouTube, and remembering past funny moments of life and replaying them in my mind until I’m laughing uncontrollably.

Start with one or two of these practices and see how many you can incorporate into your day to keep you fully aware.

What do you do to stay at the top of your self awareness game?

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