A daily ritual to balance stress and emotions

Do you want to be able to control your emotions?

If so, then this 8:8 meditation is for you. It’s a simple way of getting yourself into a deeply relaxed state that will help you feel better and more in control of your life. You can use it whenever you need to calm down or when something has got on top of you and made things worse than they needed to be.

This technique will help bring your breathing rate down from the usual 16 breaths per minute (which most people take) all the way down to 4 BPM – which is about as low as it gets without being asleep. The less oxygenated blood that flows through your body, the calmer and more balanced it becomes – which means there’s less turbulence inside for those emotions we talked about earlier. And with fewer negative feelings swirling around inside, it’s easier for them not to get out of hand like they usually do! The best part is that you only need to practice this for about 3 minutes a day to get results. So if you want some peace and quiet inside, try this 8:8 meditation now!

Click here right now and start meditating today! 

What's your go-to stress-reducing practice to control your emotions? Leave a comment below and tell me about it. 

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