Are you ready to experience the magic of gratitude?

The absolute best way to create more happiness and joy throughout your life is to adopt an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is a skill that can be learned and practiced. It’s not just something we feel, it’s something we do. And when we do it, life gets better! We become more positive and optimistic about our lives. We attract opportunities into our lives that help us achieve what we want most in this world – happiness, and success. When you practice gratitude, your whole life changes for the better! You will see evidence of this everywhere around you as soon as you begin practicing gratitude every day. 

Especially with the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving this week here in America, there are plenty of opportunities to express gratitude. You may be able to share a moment with a loved one and tell them how grateful you are, or you may be able to help provide a meal to a less fortunate family and express gratitude by sharing the gifts you’ve been given. Whatever way you choose to be grateful, please just do so with a loving abundant heart and you will see differences in your life almost immediately. And as an added bonus, people who are grateful tend to live longer happier lives than those who aren’t grateful at all! So why wait another minute? Start today by doing a daily gratitude journal so that you can start attracting more positivity into your life right now!

Try this gratitude practice

Take some time out of your busy schedule to sit down with pen and paper (or open up a new document on your computer) and write down everything in the world that you are grateful for right now. Don't think too hard about this - just let whatever comes naturally come out onto the page without censoring yourself or thinking too much about what's "appropriate" or "good enough." The goal here is simply to get started with practicing gratitude every single day because once you start doing it regularly, there's no going back - it becomes part of who YOU are rather than something you do. 

Once you have a list of things you are grateful for, carry it around in your pocket for the next week, and every time you remember it there, take it out and read through the list. Take a moment while reading off the things you’re grateful for and really connect with the feeling of gratitude you feel about each item. Take this practice with you along your journey of life and watch your world fill with happiness and joy!

Do you have a regular gratitude practice? Would love to hear what you’re up to, leave a comment and let me know. 

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