How To Measure Your Health In Two Minutes

Do you want to know how healthy your body is?

The Breath Hold Time (BHT) is a great health indicator. Originally invented by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, it tells you how efficient your body is at using oxygen. The longer you can hold your breath without air in your lungs and stay calm, the healthier you are! This means that even if you’re not breathing, your body is being super efficient at using the oxygen that it already has.

You can use this simple test to see what kind of shape YOU are in right now - just by holding your breath for as long as possible after exhalation! This will give you an idea of how well your body handles stress and whether or not you need to explore some exercises to improve your health. 

Here are the baseline numbers to determine your health:

10 seconds or less = Very Poor O2 Efficiency. Poor Health and Possible health issues.

10sec - 20 sec. = Poor O2 Efficiency. Below Average Health

20sec - 30 sec = Average O2 Efficiency. Average Health

30sec - 40 sec = Good O2 Efficiency. Good Health

40sec - 60 sec = Great O2 Efficiency. Great Health

60sec - 2 min = Superhuman Yogi

Go watch this video to see how you can check your BHT right now.

What was your result?

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