Start talking to yourself like a boss

This represent self talk

Do you ever wonder what is driving your inner voice?

Your inner monologue has a huge impact on how you feel and act. It can be the difference between feeling confident or insecure, motivated or discouraged, happy or sad. And it’s not just about how we talk to ourselves - our self-talk also affects how we interact with others and the world around us. So what does your inner voice sound like? Is it positive and encouraging? Or negative and discouraging? How would you describe its tone of voice?

You can change your self-talk from negative to positive! The first step is awareness – noticing when you are having a conversation in your head that isn’t helpful for achieving success in life. 

Once you become aware of this dialogue, then it becomes possible to start changing it into something more useful for yourself. Start by replacing any negative thoughts with their positive opposite (e.g., “I am so stupid” becomes “I made a mistake but I will learn from this experience”). Then continue practicing until these new messages become automatic responses whenever they pop up in your mind! 

This takes time but eventually, these new conversations will take root as part of who YOU really are inside! Try elevating your awareness of your internal dialogue and re-directing negative thoughts into positive ones.

I came up with a funny saying a while back that thoughts are like Amazon packages, if the thought delivered is not what you ordered or will not serve you best, return it for the proper one! :)

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And as always, leave a comment and let me know what is the biggest obstacle you face with your self-talk and how do you overcome it? 

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