The secret to becoming invaluable on any team

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Ready to learn the secret to how you can become indispensable?

It is a very simple concept and something you can begin utilizing immediately.

It is not a hack, a shortcut, or a short-lived effort.

What I’m speaking about is a core philosophical mindset and way of living, and that is practicing a servant's heart.

You see by nature we as humans prioritize self-interest. And because of that instinctually most of us, myself included at times, approach life and daily experiences with the mindset of looking for what we can gain.

However, because of that often times we miss out on the opportunities in the generous present moment because we are driven by ego, pride, and greed. And it may seem counterintuitive but when we put everyone else’s needs before ours we will always be taken care of. It’s just one of those things to chalk up in the column of the way life works.

By approaching life with a heart for service and a mindset focused on what we can add in any situation, we begin to open ourselves up to a more fulfilling experience and powerful upgrade opportunities. We also help make our entire world around us better because we're helping those around us be better. There are so many benefits that come from living life in this way especially the fact that we become positive role models for this type of living and encourage others by leading by example.

So the way that you can become irreplaceable on any team is to focus every single day and every single situation on what you can give or contribute or add value to rather than what you can gain. Approach each day with the mindset of seeking opportunities to be of service to others on your team and help them in any way that you can. 

To me, one of the most exciting things about living life with a focus on what I can contribute in every situation is that life becomes truly satisfying with the liberation of not needing to get anything. Only to give. And guess what else happens? The more we give the more we get. Meaning, that the more that we give to our team and to the world the more we end up gaining in the end. Now that is not the underlying reason to do this. And I strongly suggest to not approach this endeavor with a “give to get” mentality because people will sense your self-serving insincerity immediately.

Another great benefit of this approach to life and work is that you position yourself as a strong candidate for leadership because you are helping everyone on the team be better and helping the team achieve its goals. Who better to lead than a person helping everyone make things happen. Again just to state, that is not the reason to live like this but that is another awesome benefit. People are smart, people are observant, and they will smell a rat sooner or later if you are doing this with ulterior motives.


Remember, whatever we seek in life we will find, so I encourage you to put your energy into seeking opportunities to give and contribute to others on your team along with the world in general without care for recognition or what’s in it for you. Kind of like the old Zig Ziglar quote that went something to the effect of, “...if you can help enough other people get what they want you will get what you want...“


Now that we're in the know, let's be responsible with this knowledge and take action!

Here’s my challenge for you over the next week:

  • Set an intention to approach each day with a servant's heart
  • Create an alarm on your phone for 10:22 AM to repeat and go off every day with the label “Who Can I Serve Today?
  • Every day when the alarm goes off think of someone you could serve and either Think of something you can do to help them or reach out and ask them what you can do that would help them.
  • Then do it!
  • Enjoy the feelings of serving others and the satisfaction of helping those around you be better
  • If you feel like it and are super motivated go ahead and set alarms for other times of the day to remind you to find other people to serve throughout the day and begin building it into your mindset as a habitual way of thinking
  • Repeat this every day for the next week, then keep on doing it over the next 90 days to make it part of your routine!

There you have it, the most powerful way to become invaluable on any team. Lead with a servant's heart.

And for you serious action takers out there who are committed to service and ready to break through to a whole new level, go here and apply to join my Certified High Performance Coaching Accelerator to become your very best and live life to the fullest. 

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