What's holding you back from your best life?

Are you tired of holding on to anger and resentment?

Forgiveness is one of the fastest ways to transform your life. When we hold onto negative emotions, it’s like a dark cloud that blocks out love from our hearts. Let go of pain and hurt by practicing forgiveness regularly. The first person to focus on forgiving is yourself, then others from the past, then stay current with forgiving people in the future. Rather than hold on to baggage and resentment, let it go and allow yourself to feel love inside your heart rather than bitterness or anger. Wherever our focus goes, energy goes as well, so keep your focus on the positive!

You can start today by letting go of any resentments you may have towards someone else - even if they don't deserve it! It's never too late or too early for forgiveness because there are no rules when it comes to this practice! Whether it's an ex-lover who broke up with you unexpectedly or a friend who betrayed your trust - release all negativity surrounding these experiences through forgiveness! If you're feeling stuck in life right now but want something more exciting for yourself - try releasing some old hurts through forgiveness today. Start living a happier life now by letting go of any negative feelings that prevent you from being happy! Focus only on what makes sense in order for true happiness within yourself.

One simple and quick method to begin practicing forgiveness is this: get out a blank piece of paper and a pen, list out all the people who have hurt you or done you wrong. Then take a moment and put both hands on your heart, focus on the feeling of love and how you are ready to release whoever for whatever was done, then take a few deep breaths as you say, “I forgive you.” Feel the release of the negative energy and the rushing in of positivity and love. Next, you can open your eyes, and write that same affirmation down on the piece of paper, “I forgive you.” Then take that paper, crumple it up, find a fireplace or a sink, and set it on fire. As the paper burns before your eyes, focus on the feelings that you are releasing and letting go of the hurt and allowing the old memories and pain to be burned up in the fire. (Of course, it goes without saying, but yet I still need to say it, please be safe and responsible when burning the letter.)

And if you’re really a go-getter, do this practice at least once a week for several weeks in a row to go through all the hurts and continually remind yourself to forgive and let go.

What’s your go-to strategy for practicing forgiveness in your life, especially when it seems completely unwarranted? Leave a comment and let me know. 

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