What will it take for you to be your best?

This represents Become Your Best Self

Do you want to be the best version of yourself?

I’m really hoping the answer is yes! ;)

Because when you become the best version of yourself and live in that identity daily, your life becomes a brand new experience as your world transforms.

One surefire path to becoming your best version of self is persevering through adversity to build resilience.  This is a habit that we must learn and build though as it does not come naturally to most humans. It is a habit we must set the intention to grow daily and be consistent in our practice because it is highly perishable.  

This is not to say that when we face adversity we shouldn’t allow ourselves to feel emotion or just “harden up” and “keep pressing forward.” What I’m suggesting is that learning to deal with the pains of adversity while preserving will help to develop the resilience necessary for you to become your best self.

One secret to becoming your best self that many high performing individuals employ is to seek elective adversity throughout their day to expose them to opportunities to practice resilience. In fact, you can become unstoppable if you seek elective adversity. Elective adversity is when you choose to face your fears and press into the uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and unknown to build your very best self.

Life is full of unfortunate circumstances, tragedy, trauma, etc. and for the most part we don’t get to choose what adversity hits when. If we all had a choice, we would never have any problems or anything bad happen to us because it would mean those things wouldn't exist anymore. But since they do exist, why not make them work for us instead of against us? 

The only way out is through; there's no other way around it! By facing our fears head-on, we are able to grow into better versions of ourselves and overcome obstacles with ease. When faced with fear, don’t back down – lean into it! Lean into the pain and discomfort until it becomes comfortable again. 

How can you take a new perspective on the adversity in your life and leverage it to become the version of you and really truly become the person you are created to be?

It may sound crazy but this is how people get stronger and more resilient than ever before! So go ahead - take the easy road now...and regret later when everyone else has surpassed you while you’re stuck in mediocrity wondering where all the time went...or get started today by applying to work with me directly and activate your superpower through adversity! 

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