Set the stage for unparalleled empowerment by partnering with Awareness Elevation. Engage your audience through interactive presentations that lead to profound insights, driving them to ascend their own peaks of self-awareness and purposeful leadership.

Dive deep, break through barriers, and redefine what's possible.


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Looking to empower your audience with transformative strategies, ensuring they not only pursue their passions but truly excel at them? Look no further.

Gift them the unmatched experience of easy-to-implement yet impactful methods that elevate their self- and social-awareness so they can shatter boundaries. Why wait for tomorrow when monumental change can start today?

From educational seminars, cutting-edge podcasts, and immersive virtual summits to captivating live keynotes – no matter the platform, we're primed to infuse it with game-changing insights. Let us equip your students, team, and every participant with actionable tools for immediate, tangible change.

Together, let's transform lives.


LynAnn, a master of human performance with 15 years' of business and leadership experience, is an unstoppable force in overcoming adversity. Surviving a near-fatal accident, an abusive marriage, and corporate challenges, she emerged as a beacon of resilience and triumph.

A Certified High Performance Coach and a Great American Speak Off semi-finalist, LynAnn's blend of science and real-world wisdom transforms roadblocks into staircases. Her approach goes beyond leadership, sparking self-awareness, empowerment, and unlocking boundless potential.

Join LynAnn on a journey that's more than coaching; it's an electrifying experience leading to new heights, inspiring you to embrace your true potential.

This represents James Pyle Certified High Performance Coach™
This represents James Pyle Certified High Performance Coach™


In a world teeming with coaches, James Pyle distinguishes himself as a transformational leader whose life story is a testament to the power of resilience, faith, and disciplined action. As the visionary behind Awareness Elevation, James has dedicated his career to guiding CEOs, entrepreneurs, and individuals on a journey of self-discovery and peak performance.

From navigating personal adversities to building 7-figure businesses, James's experiences have equipped him with the insights and methodologies to help others achieve their highest potential. His pioneering 'Elevate Method' integrates self-awareness, Christian faith, and practical strategies for overcoming challenges, setting James apart as a coach with a profound impact.

James's engaging speaking style and deep empathy enable him to connect with audiences around the globe, inspiring action and transformation. His coaching extends beyond business success, focusing on holistic growth, health, and the pursuit of one's ultimate purpose.

Whether you're seeking to redefine your leadership style, align your personal values with your professional aspirations, or embark on a transformative personal journey, James Pyle offers not just coaching but a partnership in growth.

"Elevate Your Awareness, Elevate Your Life - 💥SHINE BRIGHTER!!!💥" - James Pyle



Immerse in the Odyssey of Transformation

Embark on a captivating journey with us, where our spellbinding stories of resilience, strategic mastery, and profound self-awareness have enthralled audiences worldwide, sparking waves of transformation and earning acclaim. Witness firsthand:

  • The Essence of Transformation: Explore our extraordinary metamorphosis, where the fusion of deep self-awareness, strategic brilliance, and the principles of Certified High Performance Coaching™ have empowered us to overcome daunting challenges. Learn how we constructed our ideal lives from the ashes of adversity, offering a beacon of hope and a roadmap for countless souls on their quest for fulfillment.
  • From Adversity to Excellence: Gain exclusive access to our playbook for turning life’s sternest trials into the fuel for spectacular achievements. Discover the art of converting obstacles into stepping stones towards your grandest visions.
  • Blueprints of Unmatched Personal Growth: Uncover the clandestine strategies that propelled our ascension as distinguished High Performance Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Speakers. Delve into the secrets of our success and how these insights can elevate your journey to peaks of excellence.
  • Conquering the Self, Conquering the World: Learn our potent methods for dissolving self-doubt, eliminating detrimental habits, revitalizing health, and bouncing back from life’s most severe setbacks. Discover how to thrive in both personal and professional realms, breaking free from the shackles of limitation.
  • The Quest for Authentic Self-Discovery: Journey with us as we reveal how we unearthed our true selves, ignited our deepest passions, and plotted a course to our most cherished dreams—and how you can embark on this transformative voyage too.
  • James’s Inspiring Saga: Experience the powerful narrative of James Pyle, who transcended the trials of childhood trauma, ADD/ADHD, and addiction, turning perceived insurmountable barriers into pillars of strength. Witness his rise to become a titan in High Performance Entrepreneurship, Coaching, and Speaking.

...And an Alcove of Profound Insights Awaiting!

Join LynAnn and James as they lay bare their riveting experiences. Relive their odysseys, draw from their deep wells of wisdom, and ignite within your audience a burning desire to sculpt a life resonant with purpose, boundless joy, and unfettered freedom.

Is Your Event Seeking A Transformational Spark? We're Your Answer.

Preparing for a school function, dynamic conference, podcast, or a grand keynote? Your audience deserves a transformative experience.

Dive into vibrant discussions where intellects intertwine, ideas burgeon, and inspiration flows boundlessly. With us, it's not just about sharing; it's about embarking on a collective journey of enlightenment.

Gift your audience the key to amplified awareness, trailblazing leadership, and a life filled with unimagined prosperity — truly unlocking their boundless potential.

Ready for an event that'll be remembered for ages? Tap the button below, and let's etch a date that'll mark the beginning of unparalleled transformations.