Set the stage for unparalleled empowerment by partnering with Awareness Elevation. Engage your audience through interactive presentations that lead to profound insights, driving them to ascend their own peaks of self-awareness and purposeful leadership.

Dive deep, break through barriers, and redefine what's possible.


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Looking to empower your audience with transformative strategies, ensuring they not only pursue their passions but truly excel at them? Look no further.

Gift them the unmatched experience of easy-to-implement yet impactful methods that elevate their self- and social-awareness so they can shatter boundaries. Why wait for tomorrow when monumental change can start today?

From educational seminars, cutting-edge podcasts, and immersive virtual summits to captivating live keynotes – no matter the platform, we're primed to infuse it with game-changing insights. Let us equip your students, team, and every participant with actionable tools for immediate, tangible change.

Together, let's transform lives.


LynAnn, a master of human performance with 15 years' of business and leadership experience, is an unstoppable force in overcoming adversity. Surviving a near-fatal accident, an abusive marriage, and corporate challenges, she emerged as a beacon of resilience and triumph.

A Certified High Performance Coach and a Great American Speak Off semi-finalist, LynAnn's blend of science and real-world wisdom transforms roadblocks into staircases. Her approach goes beyond leadership, sparking self-awareness, empowerment, and unlocking boundless potential.

Join LynAnn on a journey that's more than coaching; it's an electrifying experience leading to new heights, inspiring you to embrace your true potential.

This represents James Pyle Certified High Performance Coach™
This represents James Pyle Certified High Performance Coach™


From the ashes of adversity to the pinnacle of success, James Pyle embodies the essence of relentless triumph. His story is one of true transformation - from battling the haunting echoes of childhood trauma and addiction to carving out his own space amongst the top 1% of leaders.

James Pyle is more than a renowned speaker and Certified High Performance Coach™. He's a symbol of resilience, turning challenges into stepping stones and erecting 7-figure businesses from minimal startup capital. His unique blend of theoretical wisdom and real-world experience makes his mentorship transformative.

James isn't just about leadership; he's a guide to living with purpose and passion, proving that adversity is a powerful ally on the path to greatness. Join James on this life-changing odyssey—it's not merely a journey, it's an awakening.

Join the hundreds of conferences, organizations, schools, and universities that have already experienced the transformative power of James's presentations, and book him for your next event today.



Discover the riveting narratives that have left audiences across the globe spellbound, evoking a cascade of rave reviews and profound transformations:

  • Our awe-inspiring evolution: Harnessing the power of deep self-awareness, strategic decision-making, and the tenets of Certified High Performance Coaching™. Discover how we transcended near-fatal setbacks to architect our dream lives, guiding countless others along a similar path.
  • Transmuting adversity into rocket fuel: The step-by-step playbook on transforming life's gravest challenges and adversity into the momentum for awe-inspiring triumphs.
  • Our exclusive blueprint for peak personal development: The secrets behind our rise as renowned High Performance Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Speakers.
  • Defying limitations: Our robust methodology to conquer self-doubt, eradicate toxic habits, rejuvenate health, and rebound from life's harshest downturns in both personal and professional spheres.
  • The voyage to true self-discovery: How we unearthed our core identities, ignited our passions, and charted the path to our dream lives – and how you're perfectly poised to do the same.
  • James's empowering tale: Transcending the challenges of childhood trauma coupled with severe ADD/ADHD and addiction to transform perceived weaknesses into formidable strengths, and emerging as an indomitable force in High Performance Entrepreneurship, Coaching, and Speaking.

... And a treasure trove of even deeper revelations!

Witness LynAnn and James as they unveil their awe-striking stories. Relive their journeys, drawing from their reservoirs of wisdom, and kindle in your audience an insatiable thirst to craft a life pulsating with purpose, unbridled joy, and unparalleled freedom.

Is Your Event Seeking A Transformational Spark? We're Your Answer.

Preparing for a school function, dynamic conference, podcast, or a grand keynote? Your audience deserves a transformative experience.

Dive into vibrant discussions where intellects intertwine, ideas burgeon, and inspiration flows boundlessly. With us, it's not just about sharing; it's about embarking on a collective journey of enlightenment.

Gift your audience the key to amplified awareness, trailblazing leadership, and a life filled with unimagined prosperity — truly unlocking their boundless potential.

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