Ignite Your Audience With Actionable Ideas For Elevating Awareness And Becoming Limitless Today By Inviting LynAnn & James To Speak

"We enjoy awakening people to self awareness and revealing how to lead yourself, role model servant leadership, and thrive in your calling."

- LynAnn & James 


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Empowering others towards thriving in their passions and living their best lives today — one speech and podcast at a time

Got an audience that could benefit from learning simple, proven ways that’ll help them elevate awareness and transcend their limitations?

If so, let’s seize the opportunity and inspire them sooner, instead of later.

Whether you’re hosting a podcast, virtual conference or live keynote…

We're ready to show up and share valuable insights on awareness elevating practices and leadership asset development your people can use to start transforming their lives immediately.


LynAnn is an accomplished coach, speaker, and strategist with expertise in business development, referral generation, networking, communication, personal development, and leadership.

As a former Regional Neurosciences Director who successfully led her team through COVID-related challenges and as a survivor of a car-accident that should have taken her life and ability to walk, LynAnn has learned what it takes to become bulletproof to overcome the most difficult obstacles and truly succeed.

Through her training, research, and personal experience, she’s well-versed in coaching individuals and teams to develop the specific habits, mindsets, and strategies needed to overcome any obstacle, challenge, or perceived limitation so they can achieve greater and sustained levels of success without sacrificing health, wellbeing or meaning relationships. 

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This represents James Pyle Certified High Performance Coachâ„¢


James is a dynamic entrepreneur, biohacker, accomplished speaker, coach, advisor, executive leadership professional, talent procurement master, and business development and sales expert. He has an astounding knack for finding success where others have failed. James specializes in Kingdom Entrepreneurship, lean startups, and transformational turnarounds—and turning himself into the top 1% producer or leader in any environment.

His uncanny ability to find opportunity in adversity comes from overcoming many challenges from childhood trauma to beating addictions and even bouncing back from near bankruptcy after a failed venture. His tenacious work ethic, lessons learned from these adversities, and bulletproof resilience led him to build several 7-figure businesses; his most successful being a REI firm launched in 2016 in Dallas, TX. With only $10,000 of startup capital, he scaled to flip 87 SFR properties in 18 months prior to exit.


These topics have resonated deeply and generated incredible feedback from audiences all over throughout our previous appearances:


  • Our origin stories and how we leveraged self-awareness, Champion Leadership mindsets, and high performance habits to overcome near life ending experiences, build our dream lives, and help others do the same.

  • The exact steps we took to turn terribly negative life experiences into and circumstances into fuel to propel us toward our biggest and best wins.

  • Our proprietary framework for self-development and building ourselves into world-class Champion Leadership trainers and coaches.

  • Our simple formula for overcoming addictions, restoring health, and bouncing back from complete life and business failure.

  • How we gained awareness of our true identities and discovered our passions to build the life of our dreams and how you can too.

  • How James was able to leverage a life-long history of ADD/ADHD as his biggest strength to become limitless and build himself into an unstoppable Kingdom Entrepreneur & Champion Leadership role model.

And much, much more!


LynAnn and James's stories about how they've utilized these strategies to find opportunity in adversity and become limitless fuel their audiences with the inspiration they need to build a life rich with purpose, happiness, and total freedom.

Got a podcast, conference or a live keynote coming up? Let’s talk.

We love meeting smart people and having conversations where we’re all learning and inspiring one another.

And we're always more than happy and ready to share our ideas with any audience that wants to learn how to elevate awareness, become better leaders, and live a more prosperous, rewarding lifestyle — living to their potential.

If you’ve got a crowd that you feel would benefit from hearing us speak at one of your upcoming events or podcasts, then click the button below and let’s get something on the books right away.