Yeah I hear you, but who are you really?

This represents Self Awareness Is Truly Step Zero

Nearly every day I hear from clients and others about how so many people are struggling with an identity crisis and have no idea who they truly are. Especially in the midst of the post-pandemic aftermath, so many are lost and have no clue about their true identity, who they really are deep down within, or how to activate their potential and live as their best self. 

In fact, most of the world is so confused in this area and chooses to identify with something external, a sports team, celebrity influencer, religion, trend, or societal construct as their identity. And oftentimes this is done without the self awareness that they are seeking identity outside themselves. Quite a recipe for failure this is, seeking external validation for an internal desire. Most likely this is one of the major contributors to depression and anxiety across the world.

The Path

In order to get on the path of living the best life as the best self, we must be multi-dimensional in knowing ourselves. With work and focus, we can discover our true identity, the person our creator made us to be and live only as the highest and best self. 

And there is only one way to accomplish this. There are no shortcuts, no hacks, and no easy routes. This is just the way of self discovery that requires time and effort to quiet the noise of the world and go deep within the self, deep deep down inside. It is a path of true inner self discovery and self love littered with agonizing silence, facing one's self, and facing one's fears. 

The reality of our world is that many people will never know this path. They will live out their days attempting to be something they’re not or trying to be someone for others and lacking the awareness of their true self identity. However you can be different, you can step outside that dismal existence and activate your potential. You can elevate awareness of your true self, your true identity, and live your life full of happiness and fulfillment because you're living life with the flow. And all of this starts with what I call step zero, self awareness.

Know Thy Self

Self awareness is defined in the dictionary as, “conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires.” We can easily see that this is the true path to enlightenment and understanding how we can healthily define and pursue happiness in our lives. You see, once you have conscious knowledge of your own character, feelings, motives, and desires you show up as your best self and live your dream life. 

The key here though is discovery and acceptance of your true identity, then living to that calling for your life. However self awareness is not a destination or something to be obtained, it is the journey, a habit, that when practiced daily becomes one of the strongest weapons we as humans possess. It must be practiced and exercised daily because self awareness is like a muscle. If it is not used, it will atrophy. And the only way to make it stronger is to employ it correctly and frequently. Thus we begin the journey of discovering self awareness, becoming self aware, and practicing self awareness daily to stay sharp on the path to mastery.

Get In The Game

One of the most powerful and transformative ways to learn and master self awareness of our true identity and how to live to our calling is working with an experienced coach and mentor. And if you are at a point in your journey where you are ready to accept and live fully in your true identity, go here and apply to work with me directly.

You truly can achieve that which you commit yourself to and pursue daily with consistent persistence, so be bold, be courageous, and take action today to begin living to your calling and fulfilling your potential!

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